Jerry Bruckheimer

Deliver Us From Evil trailer delivers the demonic goods
May 14, 2014

A New York police officer walks the beat from hell in the nightmarish new trailer for Deliver Us From Evil.

Bruckheimer thinks we're all gonna change our minds about Lone Ranger someday
Jul 30, 2013

Did you hate The Lone Ranger? If so, megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer thinks that you'll change your mind ... someday.

1st official look at Depp and Hammer as Tonto and the Lone Ranger
Dec 17, 2012

Jerry Bruckheimer just released the first official pic from his Lone Ranger movie, giving us our first look at the two main stars of the upcoming film: Johnny Depp as Native American warrior Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked hero.

The highest-paid guy in entertainment? Not who you might think
Dec 15, 2012

Think about men who earn big bucks in the entertainment industry for a second. Who comes to mind? Tom Cruise? Johnny Depp? Will Smith? Samuel L. Jackson? Well, while none of those guys are clipping coupons, they're not among the entertainment world's highest earners.

Jerry Bruckheimer reveals what got cut to save his Lone Ranger pic
Dec 15, 2012

Last week, Johnny Depp's long-in-development Long Ranger epic was finally revived after the production team made $45 million in Disney-requested budget cuts. So what did the flick have to lose in order to get made? Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer lays it out.

SAVAGE new vid satire of Bruckheimer/Pirate development process!
Dec 14, 2012

What's this? Some Cloverfield-like found footage discovered in the rubble of Hollywood creativity? A sting video made by someone who made his or her into the inner sanctum of studio power? No! It's Indiana native Nathan Gotsch's parody of a pitch meeting with mega-high-concept producer Jerry Bruckheimer!

Straczynski and Bruckheimer working on mega-destruction film
Dec 14, 2012

J. Michael Straczynski teams up with Jerry Bruckheimer to bring Shattered Union video game to the big screen.

Will this be the first video-game movie that doesn't suck?
Dec 14, 2012

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time producer Jerry Bruckheimer seems to think so.

New Sorcerer's Apprentice trailer with cooler action, F/X
Dec 14, 2012

The second trailer for the upcoming fantasy film features bigger action and bigger effects.

Find out about Bruckheimer's new Star Wars-esque movie
Dec 14, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean and Prince of Persia producer Jerry Bruckheimer has now turned his eyes toward space.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on rebooting Sorcerer's Apprentice
Dec 14, 2012

The uber-producer talks about his upcoming familiy movies for Disney.