Jeremy Carver

Supernatural producer explains how Sam and Dean might be their own Big Bads in S10
Oct 7, 2014

Unlike previous years, the 10th season of The CW’s Supernatural will find the Winchesters dealing with something a lot more challenging than Lucifer or rogue angels.

Supernatural producer explains [REDACTED]'s brutal, shocking death
Dec 20, 2013

Despite being almost a decade old, Supernatural is still cranking out some great episodes — and some truly heart rending moments. So, why did that shocking midseason death have to happen?

Supernatural producer defends those controversial flashbacks
Jan 14, 2013

The current season of Supernatural introduced the love-it-or-hate-it storytelling tool of flashbacks—and to say that fans have been split on the tactic would be an understatement. So what does series producer Jeremy Carver have to say to all those haters?

Supernatural producer shares details of 3 odder-than-usual S8 eps
Dec 17, 2012

Despite the fact that it's a dark series often dealing with death and demons, The CW's Supernatural has always managed to keep things light with a few wacky episodes each season to brighten the mood. Now coming into season eight, producer Jeremy Carver says they have some of the zaniest ideas yet on tap.

Supernatural's new producer explains how S8 'resets' the series
Dec 17, 2012

Coming into its eighth year, some might say The CW's demon-hunting series Supernatural is getting a bit long in the tooth. New showrunner Jeremy Carver is inclined to agree, but he says he has a plan to fix that—a semi-reboot of the series this season.