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Supernatural stars on how they'd like the series to (eventually) end
Apr 4, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but The CW’s Supernatural is gearing up for its 12th season — with no apparent end in sight. But how would the stars like to see it end once the screen finally fades to black?

Things go from bad to worse in haunting new trailer, clip from Supernatural Season 11
Oct 2, 2015

It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week away from the premiere of Supernatural’s 11th season, but judging by some new footage dropped by The CW, the Winchesters haven’t lost a step in their old age.

Go inside the meta-musical craziness of Supernatural's 200th episode with 2 new clips
Nov 10, 2014

The CW's Supernatural will air its 200th episode this Tuesday, and we’ve got 2 great behind-the-scenes videos that look at the musical craziness coming up.

Everything we know about the 10th season of The CW’s Supernatural
Oct 3, 2014

It’s hard to believe, but The CW’s Supernatural will be kicking off its 10th season this month, with no apparent end in sight — and the show is still pretty interesting, to boot.

Sam goes very dark in the hunt for Demon Dean in first clip from Supernatural S10
Sep 30, 2014

We already knew Dean (Jensen Ackles) would be turning evil after becoming a demon at the end of last season, but it looks like the other Winchester is also embracing his inner dark side.

Demon Dean is really, really evil in new trailer for Supernatural S10
Sep 11, 2014

The crew behind Supernatural has done a remarkable job of keeping the story fresh after 10 years. Well, here’s the first look at the big wrinkle we’ll see once the show returns next month.

7 actors who could replace Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead remake
Dec 15, 2012

Evil Dead is getting a remake. These are words that have some fans of the cult classic franchise turning into "deadites" ready to eat the brains of the people involved in making this happen. Still, it is happening nonetheless.

Who won't make it? Supernatural finale clips!
Dec 14, 2012

Check out these two new clips from tomorrow's season finale.

Supernatural surprise: More Winchester deaths coming
Dec 14, 2012

Supernatural producer Ben Edlund looks ahead and promises more death.