Jeff Lemire

Check out life post-Fraction in new preview for Marvel's All-New Hawkeye relaunch
Oct 16, 2015

Marvel is still figuring out exactly what to do with Clint Barton now that Matt Fraction’s seminal tenure on Hawkeye has come to an end, and here’s our first look at what’s next.

Exclusive: Jeff Lemire on that Descender cliffhanger, the movie, and Plutona
Sep 2, 2015

The writer and artist discusses his interests (or lack of) with robots, and what the future might hold for our favorite boy android Tim-21.

It's the beginning of the end for Animal Man in DC's exclusive 5-page preview
Dec 13, 2013

Jeff Lemire just announced he'll be departing the book this spring, so let's get a peek at where he'll leave things.