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First explosive Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer is here!

After releasing a handful of tantalizing teasers, 20th Century Fox has now unleashed the full force of the first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer.

Jeff Bridges gets inside Kingsman: The Golden Circle
May 31, 2016

The cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle has just become even more awesome.

Jeff Bridges reveals the secret of his two Tron Legacy roles
Jul 4, 2015

Jeff Bridges talks about his secret dual roles in the upcoming sequel to his classic Tron.

First Look: Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy!
Jul 4, 2015

Disney has a first look at Jeff Bridges in his role in Tron Legacy.

Jeff Bridges: How Tron Legacy is like his Oscar film
Jul 4, 2015

New Oscar winner Jeff Bridges talks about how Tron Legacy is like Crazy Heart.

On set: Jeff Bridges on coming back to Tron 28 years later
Jul 4, 2015

This is the first of our set visit reports from Tron Legacy and a Q&A with star Jeff Bridges.

Cool new behind-the-scenes pics from Tron Legacy!
Jul 4, 2015

Check out these new behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy.

Lost writers already developing a third Tron movie
Jul 4, 2015

A third Tron movie is reportedly developing, even though the second, Legacy, won't open until December.

Long-delayed Seventh Son reminds you it still exists with new trailer
Aug 28, 2014

Nearly two years after it was first supposed to come out, the movie Seventh Son wants you to know it's still on its way.

Oof! Jeff Bridges calls the first Iron Man movie a "$200 million student film"
Jul 25, 2014

Hey, you know the movie that was sort of, kind of responsible for launching the Marvel movie universe as we know it? AMATEUR HOUR.

New trailer for The Giver shows us the darker side of Pleasantville
Jun 4, 2014

Usually changing a movie from black and white to color adds whimsy. With The Giver? Not so much.

Finally! Jeff Bridges + Meryl Streep in 1st ominous trailer for The Giver
Mar 19, 2014

It’s taken a decade or so in development hell, but the first trailer for The Giver has finally arrived. Welcome to the dark, secretive utopia.

1st look at Jeff Bridges in long-awaited film adaptation of sci-fi classic The Giver
Jan 23, 2014

It’s taken almost two decades, but Lois Lowry’s acclaimed 1993 novel The Giver is finally coming to the big screen — and here’s a first look at utopia.