Jeff Bridges

Long-delayed Seventh Son reminds you it still exists with new trailer
Don Kaye

Nearly two years after it was first supposed to come out, the movie Seventh Son wants you to know it's still on its way.

Oof! Jeff Bridges calls the first Iron Man movie a "$200 million student film"
Dany Roth

Hey, you know the movie that was sort of, kind of responsible for launching the Marvel movie universe as we know it? AMATEUR HOUR.

New trailer for The Giver shows us the darker side of Pleasantville
Dany Roth

Usually changing a movie from black and white to color adds whimsy. With The Giver? Not so much.

1st look at Jeff Bridges in long-awaited film adaptation of sci-fi classic The Giver
Trent Moore

It’s taken almost two decades, but Lois Lowry’s acclaimed 1993 novel The Giver is finally coming to the big screen — and here’s a first look at utopia.

This hilarious R.I.P.D. gag reel is way funnier than the actual movie
Trent Moore

Ryan Reynold’s recent box office flop R.I.P.D. was definitely not that funny, and it might be because all the good gags apparently wound up on the blooper reel.

Jeff Bridges channels his inner kid at Comic-Con's Seventh Son panel
Don Kaye

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges can go from childlike wonder to literary musings within the course of one panel.

Ryan Reynolds is dead and very confused in first R.I.P.D. clips
Trent Moore

The first three clips from R.I.P.D. have arrived, and it seems death is only the beginning for Ryan Reynolds’ former SWAT cop.

Tron Dude Jeff Bridges may join Ryan Reynolds in R.I.P.D. (Yay!)
Nathalie Caron

Not long ago, we told you that Ryan Reynolds — who we'll soon see in Green Lantern — was going to star in R.I.P.D. as undead cop Nick Cruz. Now the film may get even cooler because "The Dude" himself, a.k.a. Jeff Bridges, may star alongside Reynolds in the film.

Will Jeff Bridges' next sci-fi sequel be Starman 2?

Now that Jeff Bridges is all done with Tron: Legacy, is there any other sci-fi sequel he'd like to attack? Turns out that if the actor had his way, he'd revisit the events of 1984's Starman next.

It's a Flynn/Flynn reunion in latest tantalizing Tron: Legacy clip

Tron: Legacy won't hit theaters for another six weeks or so, but that doesn't mean we have to wait that long for another taste. Disney has just released a clip spotlighting a reunion 28 years in the making, and we've got to admit it got us a little ferklempt.

New full-length Tron: Legacy trailer will blow your mind

Don't worry if you didn't make it to San Diego for this year's Comic-Con, because you get to share in the eye candy, too. The latest comes in the form of a digitized Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner and Garrett Hedlund in Tron: Legacy.

Lost writers already developing a third Tron movie

A third Tron movie is reportedly developing, even though the second, Legacy, won't open until December.

Cool new behind-the-scenes pics from Tron Legacy!

Check out these new behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy.