Jean Grey

Phoenix Force is coming (again) in Jean Grey #1 first preview
Apr 4, 2017

Jean Grey is launching into a new solo series, and the Phoenix Force still haunts her.

Here's what to expect from Marvel's first-ever Jean Grey solo comic
Dec 2, 2016

After introducing a younger version of Jean Grey in All-New X-Men, Marvel Comics is gearing up to spin her off with a solo story. So, what story is there left to tell in Jean’s life?

Marvel's Bendis reveals potential plans for another All-New X-Men comic spinoff
Sep 25, 2014

Marvel threw a major twist into the X-Men continuity by bringing the original team to the modern-day — and now it looks like another misplaced mutant could be getting her own spinoff.

The 12 most important superhero deaths ever
Sep 4, 2014

Another superhero, Wolverine, is headed to the chopping block. But will his death really resonate?

Rumor of the Day: Jean Grey to appear in The Wolverine?
Jan 14, 2013

Remember the time Famke Janssen subtly alluded that Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey, could resurrect herself and return someday? And remember when we all assumed that meant she'd meant Days of Future Past? Well, what if she actually meant The Wolverine?

Wolverine vs. Jean Grey? Snooki takes sides. Yes, THAT Snooki
Dec 16, 2012

Never, in my whole life, did I ever think that I'd be agreeing with anything that Jersey Shore "star" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said—aside from the stray, drunken bellow "I want pizza!"—but she comes with a rather logical argument in the great Wolverine vs. Jean Grey debate.

Censored, sexy proof that Emma Peel inspired X-Men's Dark Phoenix
Dec 16, 2012

Back in the 1960s, The Avengers—with Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel—was one of the sexiest TV shows on the air. One particular episode was so racy, it was edited for broadcast in the USA ... but its raciness still managed to invade Marvel's groundbreaking mutant comic.

Marvel's mutants go dark in the 1930s crime thriller X-Men Noir
Dec 14, 2012

Ah, noir. That beloved genre of tough dames, dark alleys, neon light shining through aluminum blinds and ... mutants? Yes, mutants. With this...