Jason Blum

M. Night Shyamalan continues comeback with new trailer for Split
Oct 26, 2016

The latest low-budget shocker from the director of The Sixth Sense has a creepy new psycho-teaser to show you.

Jason Blum talks the state of horror, Flatliners inspiration for The Lazarus Effect
Mar 4, 2015

If you’ve seen a horror movie over the past decade, there’s a solid chance Jason Blum had a hand in making it happen. His latest flick is The Lazarus Effect, and it looks like a very fun riff on Flatliners.

Paranormal Activity exec explains why most 'found footage' sucks
Dec 17, 2012

The "found footage" style of filmmaking is a love-it or hate-it approach, but Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum has figured out why most people don't like it. Essentially? Because a lot of those movies shot as "found footage" shouldn't be.