Jasika Nicole

Fringe cast breaks down the insane plot twist they all hated most

From introducing alternate universes to killing off beloved characters, no one can accuse Fox's Fringe of not being a brave show. But despite the writers' faith it'd turn out alright, there was one crazy plot twist the cast just couldn't get behind.

Fringe finale trailer: It's the end of the world and they know it!

Now that Fringe has been given a new lease on life, Fox is pulling out all the stops for its finale. Season four will end with a bang that could (possibly) destroy both the worlds we love. Check out this new film-style trailer for the jaw-dropping episode.

Finally! Inside Fringe's 'breathtaking' Astrid-centric episode

This week on Fringe, all eyes will be on Astrid ... and Astrid again. Walter's trusted lab assistant and right-hand woman will finally get her time to shine. Get ready for Fringe's first, real Astrid-centric episode.

How Astrid's long-awaited Fringe alt-episode changed everything

Actress Jasika Nicole has been playing the beloved Astrid for four years on Fringe and producers finally got around to giving her some meaty subject matter. It's about time!

Fringe's Jasika Nicole promises we'll learn about Astrid. Next year

Jasika Nicole, who plays the FBI agent/lab assistant, talks about season two.