Hugh Jackman says Wolverine heading to Japan
Jul 5, 2015

Hugh Jackman has said that the next Wolverine film will take place in Japan.

James Gunn finds this hyper-realistic Rocket Raccoon animatronic unsettling
Sep 15, 2014

It’s absolutely fascinating to see how the same movie can be promoted in drastically different ways depending on where on the globe it’s playing. Case in point: Japan.

Some Japanese fans are complaining the rebooted Godzilla is too fat
May 2, 2014

Director Gareth Edwards is beefing up the size of everyone’s favorite monster to bring him back to life for modern audiences, but is he making the new Godzilla a little too big?

At last you can get drunk with Japanese monsters at this Kaiju-themed bar. Really.
Mar 13, 2014

Before you jump in your Jaeger to fight the big bad kaiju, consider that what you both might actually need to settle your conflict is some Jager ... meister.

Japanese government forced to deny the existence of ghosts
May 29, 2013

In Japan, a supposedly haunted house has suddenly become a matter of national concern.

These 2 schoolgirls blamed their school vandalism on a comic book
May 1, 2013

Reading manga is no excuse for damaging public property, but that's just what these girls have done.

Latest Japanese fad: Schoolgirls imitating insane anime fight moves
Mar 29, 2013

Leave it to the clever girls of Japan to bring the coolest parts of Dragon Ball to the real world.

1st glimpse of Jackman's THE WOLVERINE on set in Japan!
Dec 17, 2012

The eagerly anticipated new standalone film The Wolverine recently started shooting in Tokyo, and now we finally have our first look at Hugh Jackman & Co. bringing the Japanese-set tale to life.

Being named for an anime character could save you money in Japan
Dec 17, 2012

So you've got the same name as a character from a popular Japanese media franchise. It's not your fault. Maybe your parents did it on purpose, maybe it was just coincidence. Either way, you might end up taking some crap for it, but there is a silver lining. If you've got the right anime-based name, you can get discounts at certain Japanese bars. No, really.

Tokyo's WTF ice cream inspired by breasts of videogame character
Dec 17, 2012

Japan has a rich and storied culture dating back centuries. It also has ice cream made up to look like boobies. Why? Because breasts are where ice cream comes from! Right?

Japanese scientists invent bizarre gun that will make you shut up
Dec 17, 2012

When not inventing vending machines for ladies' underwear, Japanese innovators can do some mighty fine work. And their latest is the dream of every diplomat, teacher and parent: a gun that'll harmlessly stop people from talking.

Japan's first-lady-to-be claims to have visited Venus
Dec 14, 2012

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan's Prime Minister-designate, has written that she was taken to Venus in a UFO.

Wacky NSFW Japanese trailer for zombie stripper movie
Dec 14, 2012

The movie's called Big Tits Zombie. That about says it all.