Jane Espenson

Exclusive Jane Espenson video interview: Buffy, Warehouse 13 + more
Dec 17, 2012

We caught up with the "busy, busy, busy" Jane Espenson at New York Comic-Con, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer/producer and Warehouse 13 co-creator filled us in on all her latest projects—including her introduction of the first ever gay male Slayer to join the Buffyverse.

Jane Espenson defends her much-maligned Torchwood: Miracle Day
Dec 17, 2012

Most Torchwood fans will agree that Miracle Day was a pretty "meh" series. Despite some overall good reviews, many just couldn't get into that whole "no one dies" storyline—and don't get us started about the Blessing. But writer Jane Espenson is proud of the work she did on the 10-part series and is going to the barricades to defend it.

Nathan Fillion and Firefly's writers are ready continue the show
Dec 14, 2012

When Nathan Fillion announced yesterday he'd love to step into the tight pants of Capt. 'Mal' Reynolds again, we of course liked the idea, but also thought ... well, what's the chance of that? But today, now that a couple of Firefly writers chimed in to say they'd also climb on board a new Firefly in a heartbeat, we're instead asking—could there really be a chance of that?

Firefly to live on in new book of short stories
Dec 14, 2012

Look for a new book of stories about the crew of the good ship Serenity soon!

SDCC: Espenson on creating worlds in Caprica and The Plan
Dec 14, 2012

The writer producer also talks about creating 12 separate planetary cultures for Caprica.