Jamie Kennedy

1st casting news for Chris Carter's new supernatural Amazon series The After
Oct 4, 2013

We might still be jonesing for one more X-Files adventure, but creator Chris Carter is hard at work prepping a new supernatural series — and now we have some intriguing new info.

Jamie Kennedy terraforms Mars in a sneak peak of tonight's Eureka
Dec 14, 2012

Jamie Kennedy has moved to Eureka, and it looks like the Ghost Whisperer star, who appears as a scientist figuring out ways to colonize Mars, could end up destroying the entire town. (Though we're hoping he won't.) Get a taste of the trouble he causes during Eureka's space week festival.

Ghost Whisperer's Jamie Kennedy moves to Eureka
Dec 14, 2012

Kennedy will guest star as a scientist whose efforts to colonize on Mars could end up destroying the entire town.