James Marsden

Delve into HBO's Westworld with these 2 new featurettes
Sep 27, 2016

We're five days away from the highly anticipated series premiere of Westworld and HBO has released two new video featurettes and a new poster, revealing some tantalizing new footage for the sci-fi TV show.

HBO's Westworld wants you to question the nature of your reality in first intense teaser trailer
Aug 10, 2015

HBO has unleashed a first teaser trailer for its eagerly anticipated sci-fi thriller series Westworld, based on Michael Crichton's classic 1973 movie.

Rumor of the Day: 2 more X-Men stars sought for Days of Future Past
Jul 4, 2015

How many Former X-Men stars can Bryan Singer squeeze into Days of Future Past? Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have already been confirmed, while Hugh Jackman's in negotiations. Now the latest buzz suggests two more alumni may come on board.

Rumor of the Day: Anthony Hopkins to star in Abrams' Westworld HBO series
Jul 22, 2014

We heard a while back that Abrams was cooking up a small-screen reboot of Westworld at HBO, and it sounds like he’s aiming for the stars when it comes to the cast list.

X-Men's James Marsden says Cyclops should get his own spinoff
Dec 16, 2012

If you thought the first three X-Men films didn't have enough of that wholesome Cyclops goodness, so did we, And so, it turns out, did actor James Marsden, who played Scott Summers aka Cyclops, the man with the red visor. And like Wolverine, he thinks the long-running Marvel comic-book character is ripe to get his own spinoff.

James Marsden wants to play a True Blood vamp (but not a werewolf)
Dec 15, 2012

Having vampires and werewolves on TV is more than a fad these days; and a certain former X-Man—actor James Marsden, aka Cyclops—would be more than willing to play one of the two supernatural creatures on True Blood.

Diaz and Marsden talk about The Box's moral dilemma
Dec 14, 2012

The stars of Richard Kelly's upcoming sci-fi thriller film reveal a few secrets about the movie.