James Earl Jones

Rumor of the Day: New info on Darth Vader's role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Jan 15, 2016

Will acclaimed actor James Earle Jones be back to voice the wrathful Sith Lord in Rogue One?

Official Star Wars Rebels Season 2 trailer released; James Earl Jones confirmed as Darth Vader
Apr 20, 2015

Star Wars Celebration 2015 may have wrapped yesterday, but we still have more Star Wars goodies to share with you -- this time, of the Rebels variety.

1st look at two Star Wars legends duking it out on Big Bang Theory
Jan 29, 2014

Start your morning off with some childhood nostalgia. Star Wars is invading The Big Bang Theory, and it's a welcome occupation.

James Earl Jones: Vader wasn't acting, just a 'special effect'
Dec 16, 2012

We all know James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars (okay, some of us know him as the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King). But he could have easily not won the role. It turns out that George Lucas initially had someone else in mind for the part of Vader: acting/writing/directing mega-talent, Orson Welles.