Ivan Reitman

Ivan Reitman is still trying to create a Ghostbusters shared universe
Mar 22, 2017

The future of Ghostbusters is uncertain, but producer Ivan Reitman still has hope.

Ivan Reitman looks back at what went wrong with the original Ghostbusters 3
Jul 11, 2016

With the new Ghostbusters reboot opening this week, the team behind the original two films has opened up about the long-awaited sequel that could’ve been.

Original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman chimes in on the remake's backlash
Jul 1, 2016

The new Ghostbusters remake is likely best known for the controversy surrounding it, as opposed to the film itself. So, what does the original film’s director make of the backlash?

Sony developing new Ghostbusters animated movie with Ivan Reitman
Oct 2, 2015

Another Ghostbusters project is coming your way backed by director Ivan Reitman.

Here's the title and cast for the Ghostbusters 3 that could have been
Dec 18, 2014

Not too long ago, Ghostbusters 3 was being developed by Ivan Reitman and would have featured the original cast. What was the title of the movie? And who else was to be in it? We have some answers.

The third Ghostbusters film just lost its legendary director
Mar 19, 2014

Like it or not, Ghostbusters 3 is still moving forward, but now it'll be doing it without director Ivan Reitman.

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Dec 17, 2012

The plot thickens (and thickens again) for Ghostbusters 3, and the latest bit of intel indicates the long-awaited sequel might actually be a reboot.

Original Ghostbusters director back for III?
Dec 14, 2012

Original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman removes all doubt that he'll be back for the third movie.

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Dec 14, 2012

Director Ivan Reitman talks with us exclusively about the proposed sequel.

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Dec 14, 2012

The director of the beloved movie talks about the upcoming third installment.

Director praises Ghostbusters' high-def materialization on Blu-ray
Dec 14, 2012

Ivan Reitman said showcasing the movie's visuals and audio were his highest priority.