Feast on 25 eerie images from Gallery 1988's Stephen King art show

Cujo, Creepshow, Carrie plus 22 more awesome Stephen King-inspired works of art from new LA exhibit.

The boys stumble into a terrifying mystery in latest trailer for Stephen King's It

The first trailer for the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s It went positively viral when it dropped, and now the second trailer for the clown-filled scare-fest has arrived. As expected, you may want to watch it with the lights on. 

The sewers aren't safe in sinister new trailer for Stephen King's IT
Mar 29, 2017

It all floats down there in this fear-filled first trailer for Stephen King's IT

Stephen King has seen It and here's what he had to say
Mar 7, 2017

Getting the endorsement of the reigning King of Horror when you're adapting one of his most important books is not something to take lightly.

Image of the Day: Here's who Stephen King's pet Corgi is voting for
Nov 8, 2016

King's pet canine Molly swings her vote to a candidate with a toothy smile and lots of balloons.

There's a bizarre epidemic of creepy clown sightings, and now Stephen King has chimed in
Sep 9, 2016

Clowns are already kind of scary, but even more so when they’re creeping around your town.

Image of the Day: First full look at Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King's It
Aug 17, 2016

Following our first terrifying close-up look at Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Clown in Andy Muschietti’s big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It, now comes our first full look at the iconic horror character.

Andres Muschietti shares scary new images + art from Canadian set of It
Aug 16, 2016

Here's a collection of eerie teaser shots by the director of the upcoming remake of It.

Image of the Day: First look at Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King's It
Jul 13, 2016

Filming on the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It has recently begun, and we have our first official look at Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown.

Stephen King's It has found its Pennywise the Clown
Jun 2, 2016

There’s a new Pennywise in town. New Line’s upcoming big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It has found its iconic villain in this Hemlock Grove actor.

Director Cary Fukunaga explains why his version of It fell apart
Sep 3, 2015

The filmmaker who toiled for three years to bring Stephen King's It to the screen reveals why he finally walked away.

Stephen King's It has found a new director
Jul 18, 2015

The long-in-development film version of Stephen King's horror epic It has landed a new director.