Isaac Asimov

The writers and cast of AMC's mini-series Humans turn up the heat on artificial intelligence
Jun 29, 2015

The writers and cast of Humans, including William Hurt, talk about their eerie and chilling sci-fi drama about artificial life and robots.

Which SF writer has made us wait the longest for a sequel?
Jun 26, 2015

C.J. Cherryh's Regenesis, the sequel to her Hugo-Award-winning Cyteen, was released this month to the delight of her patient fans. We've been waiting...

Jonathan Nolan developing Isaac Asimov's Foundation as high-concept HBO series
Nov 10, 2014

Isaac Asimov's landmark saga of future history, Foundation, is coming to cable TV.

Read Isaac Asimov's never-published 1959 essay 'On Creativity,' written for DARPA
Oct 21, 2014

Back in the late 1950s, the proto-version of DARPA approached some of the top thinkers and sci-fi writers to think “out of the box” — and here’s what Isaac Asimov came up with.

What Isaac Asimov got right (and wrong) about the year 2014--in 1964
Jan 2, 2014

Back in the day, famed sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov wrote about life in the far-off year of 2014 ... but not every prediction was a winner.

Little-known sci-fi fact: How Ghostbusters pissed off Isaac Asimov
Dec 17, 2012

Today, Ghostbusters is a classic of sci-fi comedy, beloved as much for its monsters as its one-liners. But apparently while it was being filmed, the flick pissed off one of the world's greatest sci-fi writers so much that he went to the set just so he could yell at the cast.

Read hurt Roddenberry's reply to Asimov's critique of Trek science
Dec 17, 2012

Though we remember Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series as a groundbreaking, iconic (and OK, a little uneven) sci-fi show, not every science fiction enthusiast was so impressed. Among them was strong candidate for Greatest Sci-Fi Writer Ever Isaac Asimov, who wrote a public critique of the show's science that led Roddenberry to draft a lengthy private retort.

Has Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy science finally come true?
Dec 15, 2012

Sci-fi has predicted reality before (think Star Trek's communicators and The Prisoner's ubiquitious surveillance). But now there's a science fiction concept that we never thought we'd see in real life: psychohistory.

Fox gearing up to adapt another Asimov robot murder mystery
Dec 15, 2012

It's been a while since Will Smith took down an android conspiracy in I, Robot—or, in Mexico, Yo, Robot—so Fox is going back to the Isaac Asimov well for another metallic go-round.

Emmerich trashes 1st script for Asimov's Foundation and starts over
Dec 15, 2012

Independence Day and 2012 director Roland Emmerich has long had his eye on making a huge-budget version of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, but it stalled without a suitable script. Now, it seems, with the hiring of a new writer, things are back on track.

Scientists teach robots to break Asimov's laws by HITTING people
Dec 14, 2012

The first part of Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics state, "A robot may not injure a human being." But at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, six men were beaten by a robot and asked to rate the pain, from mild to oh-dear-god-make-it-stop.

275 of the most amazingly bad sci-fi book covers ever published
Dec 14, 2012

Okay, to be fair: There might be even more than 275 on this British blog, dedicated to collecting the best of the worst sci-fi book covers—and classic authors like Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov don't get away unscathed.