Iron Patriot

Power up for a first look at Marvel's incredible Iron Patriot #1
Feb 25, 2014

Here's a sweet sneak peek at Colonel Rhodes in his own star-spangled spotlight.

Rumor of the Day: Did Don Cheadle just reveal he'll be in Age of Ultron?
Dec 12, 2013

The stakes will no doubt be bigger in the Avengers sequel, and that means the superhero team is going to need reinforcements.

New Iron Man 3 concept art is best look yet at Iron Patriot armor
Dec 17, 2012

Some new concept art from Iron Man 3 has leaked out, giving us a new look at what seems to be the Iron Patriot armor. Want to see?

Wait, that's not the Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3 after all!
Dec 17, 2012

Remember those sensational leaked photos that came out of the Iron Man 3 set last week, showing what appeared to be the Iron Patriot armor? Well, let's all take a deep breath...seems that it's not the Iron Patriot after all. So who is it supposed to be?

1st photos from Iron Man 3 set reveal patriotic new armor
Dec 17, 2012

Director Shane Black has finally kicked off his Iron Man 3 shoot out in North Carolina, and we've already got our first glimpse of something new. A lucky set spy snagged photos of this star-spangled armor, but what's more intriguing is that it doesn't seem to belong to Tony Stark.