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1st look at Stark vs. the Mandarin in leaked Iron Man 3 Lego sets
Trent Moore

The Iron Man 3 Lego sets have leaked, revealing some key scenes from the upcoming sequel.

Catch up with all 16 awesome sci-fi ads from last night's Super Bowl
Krystal Clark

In case you missed it. Here are 16 Super Bowl trailers and commercials with a sci-fi twist.

Marvel exec responds to Iron Man/Guardians of the Galaxy rumor
Trent Moore

There’s a rumor making the rounds that a certain member of The Avengers could hook up with Marvel’s other big screen super-team to help kick off 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dr. Maya Hansen's bloody (but alive)  in new Iron Man 3 pic
Krystal Clark

Check out the new woman in Tony Stark's life. Here's a good look at Dr. Maya Hansen.

Stark's armor ain't doing him much good in new Iron Man 3 poster
Krystal Clark

Without The Avengers, who'll catch Tony Stark when he falls? The latest Iron Man 3 poster teases a huge death drop.

The Mandarin attacks in teaser for Iron Man 3 Super Bowl trailer
Trent Moore

Movie studios tend to pull out the big guns around Super Bowl season, and Marvel hopes to go very big with an explosive new trailer for Iron Man 3. Want a sneak peek?

Rumor of the day: Wild spacefaring Iron Man 3 ending revealed?
Trent Moore

A new rumor is making the rounds about the proposed ending for Iron Man 3. It’s insane, sure, but it might just be crazy enough to work.

New Iron Man 3 toy may have spoiled a major Tony Stark plot point
Matthew Jackson

Most of the plot details of Marvel's Iron Man 3 have been kept tightly under wraps so far, but a newly revealed tie-in toy might give us some clues about where Tony Stark's headed next.

Latest Iron Man 3 posters hint at more new super suits
Dany Roth

Just how many Iron Man suits does Tony Stark need? Much like jello, looks like there's always room for more.

Did LEGO just spoil a surprise Iron Man 3 villain?
Dany Roth

An Iron Man toy just whispered a secret in our ear. Wanna hear it?