iron man 3

Check out this hilarious low-budget spoof of the Iron Man 3 trailer
Dany Roth

Heroes. There is no such thing. There is, however, this sweding of the first trailer for Iron Man 3 which totally makes up for the lack of heroes with papercraft costumes, hysterical amateur acting and an a capella score that outshines the real thing.

Marvel's finally talking about its super-secret new Avengers short
Dany Roth

We all knew there was going to be a short film attached to Marvel's Avengers Blu-ray. We knew it was going to be awesome. Now we know just how awesome. So—what is Item 47 about, who is in it and what does it mean for the future of the Marvel movie franchise?

See Oscar-winning Artist star audition for Thor 2, Tron 3 and more
Nathalie Caron

What do all European actors do when they get their first big American break? Well, they go on and play the big bad villain in a huge action movie franchise, that's what! But when newly-minted best actor Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin auditions for every villain role his agents can possibly think of, hilarity ensues.

Tony Stark loses everything in 1st intense trailer for Iron Man 3
Trent Moore

The first full trailer for Iron Man 3 has finally been released, setting up what looks to be Tony Stark's (Robert Downey, Jr.) greatest challenge yet. So how does it look? Really, really good.

Check out these alternate Iron Man 3 storyboards for Ellen Brandt's death
Jeff Spry

Here's a scorching set of unseen storyboards detailing an aborted action scene.

Tony's out for revenge in new footage of awesome Iron Man 3 trailer
Krystal Clark

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer's been unleashed and it's good! It shows Tony Stark like you've never seen him before.

New Iron Man 3 poster reveals roughed up Tony and Pepper 
Krystal Clark

Tony and Pepper are caught between a rock and a hard place. The new Iron Man 3 poster puts them at the center of a heated battle.

Spotted: Int'l Iron Man 3 poster better than any we've seen so far
Nathalie Caron

We’ve seen some pretty awesome posters for Iron Man 3 already but we think that this international poster is the coolest one yet.

Pepper Potts ain't happy about her beat-up boss in new IM3 poster
Krystal Clark

Marvel Studios' has unleashed its latest Iron Man 3 poster. This time, Pepper Potts is the center of attention.

Ben Kingsley IS the Mandarin in wicked new Iron Man 3 poster
Dany Roth

Think you're ready for the sheer villianous badassery of the Mandarin? You might think again when you see this latest Iron Man 3 poster.

Get a look at a mysterious Guy Pearce in new Iron Man 3 poster
Trent Moore

The latest Iron Man 3 poster is all about newcomer Guy Pearce.

Iron Patriot's ready for war in new Iron Man 3 poster
Krystal Clark

Never fear, Col. James Rhodes is here. Iron Man 3's latest poster paints Rhodey as the hero.

1st look at Stark vs. the Mandarin in leaked Iron Man 3 Lego sets
Trent Moore

The Iron Man 3 Lego sets have leaked, revealing some key scenes from the upcoming sequel.

Catch up with all 16 awesome sci-fi ads from last night's Super Bowl
Krystal Clark

In case you missed it. Here are 16 Super Bowl trailers and commercials with a sci-fi twist.

Marvel exec responds to Iron Man/Guardians of the Galaxy rumor
Trent Moore

There’s a rumor making the rounds that a certain member of The Avengers could hook up with Marvel’s other big screen super-team to help kick off 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.