iron man 3

He's everywhere! How J.J. Abrams helped make Iron Man 3
Trent Moore

It turns out that J.J. Abrams apparently had a hand in crafting Iron Man 3. Huh?

Iron Man 3 trailer gets ultra-creative, low-budget sweding
Trent Moore

Would Iron Man 3 still look so great without all those nifty special effects? Yes!

Int'l Iron Man 3 trailer offers new footage of the China-set action
Trent Moore

An overseas cut of the new Iron Man 3 trailer reveals a few new looks at the Chinese co-stars and overseas footage

Tony's out for revenge in new footage of awesome Iron Man 3 trailer
Krystal Clark

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer's been unleashed and it's good! It shows Tony Stark like you've never seen him before.

New Iron Man 3 poster reveals roughed up Tony and Pepper 
Krystal Clark

Tony and Pepper are caught between a rock and a hard place. The new Iron Man 3 poster puts them at the center of a heated battle.

Spotted: Int'l Iron Man 3 poster better than any we've seen so far
Nathalie Caron

We’ve seen some pretty awesome posters for Iron Man 3 already but we think that this international poster is the coolest one yet.

Pepper Potts ain't happy about her beat-up boss in new IM3 poster
Krystal Clark

Marvel Studios' has unleashed its latest Iron Man 3 poster. This time, Pepper Potts is the center of attention.

Ben Kingsley IS the Mandarin in wicked new Iron Man 3 poster
Dany Roth

Think you're ready for the sheer villianous badassery of the Mandarin? You might think again when you see this latest Iron Man 3 poster.

Get a look at a mysterious Guy Pearce in new Iron Man 3 poster
Trent Moore

The latest Iron Man 3 poster is all about newcomer Guy Pearce.

Iron Patriot's ready for war in new Iron Man 3 poster
Krystal Clark

Never fear, Col. James Rhodes is here. Iron Man 3's latest poster paints Rhodey as the hero.