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The Mandarin is out for blood in tense new Iron Man 3 trailer
Trent Moore

Ben Kingsley looks to be a positively menacing force in Iron Man 3, and a new trailer shows the Mandarin is out for blood in Tony Stark’s latest adventure.

Why Marvel's making 2 different versions of Iron Man 3
Trent Moore

Marvel is hard at work on the latest installment in the Iron Man franchise, but they’re apparently working doubly hard to create two different cuts. Huh?

All the new armor comes out to play in latest Iron Man 3 trailer
Trent Moore

The action comes fast and furious in a new lron Man 3 trailer, which shows off the latest edition of Tony Stark’s armor and all those other suits that’ll be flying around in part three.

See the intriguing difference between the U.S and int'l Iron Man 3 posters
Dany Roth

The Mandarin is packing a little something extra for the international crowd.

Tony Stark suits up to kick ass in latest Iron Man 3 teaser clip
Trent Moore

A new clip from Iron Man 3 has leaked out, showing Tony Stark suiting up in the shiny new Mark VIII armor. Who knew getting dressed could look so cool?

Iron Man 3's IMAX poster gets the old gang together again
Krystal Clark

Iron Man 3 is giving IMAX the special treatment. Today, Marvel unveiled a new poster where everyone gets some facetime.

Why Iron Man 3 has Whedon worried (in a good way) about Avengers 2
Trent Moore

We average folks still have to wait until next month to see Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, but Marvel guru Joss Whedon has already seen a near-finished cut.

Tony Stark gets apologetic in brand new Iron Man 3 teaser footage
Matthew Jackson

In case you haven't realized it yet, Tony and his friends aren't having a very good time in this movie.

Iron Man 3's baddie explains why he hasn't read any of the comics
Trent Moore

Ben Kingsley has a message for fans looking for the Mandarin they know.