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Iron Man 3 director explains that shocking Mandarin twist
Trent Moore

Iron Man 3 included some pretty good twists, and now director Shane Black has explained why they made that extremely shocking change to the comic canon.

A bunch of Iron Man 3 scenes featured a digital Downey? Really?
Trent Moore

How did Marvel deal with Robert Downey Jr.'s ankle injury on the set of Iron Man 3? They made a digital Downey, Jr.

Iron Man 3 actor says we never got to see original post-credits scene
Don Kaye

Remember all that chatter about what the post-credits scene in Iron Man 3 was supposed to be? An actor in the movie has confirmed that those rumors may have been true after all.

Theater hires 'gunmen' to promote Iron Man 3, terrifies audience instead
Dany Roth

In which one theater learns the hard way how NOT to promote a summer blockbuster.

See Iron Man armor cut from Avengers + unused Iron Man 3 intros
Trent Moore

Iron Man extravaganza! With Iron Man 3 tearing up the box office this weekend, a ton of unused Marvel concept art and pitch clips have leaked online.

Pepper sex tape? 5 ways Iron Man 3's original draft was different
Trent Moore

Turns out, director Shane Black had to shed a lot of crazy, cool ideas to get Iron Man 3 to work.

Why Chinese fans are NOT happy with that extra Iron Man 3 footage
Trent Moore

Turns out, U.S. fans didn't miss much with that China-specific footage for Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark can't seem to get over The Avengers in new Iron Man 3 clip
Trent Moore

We’ve seen hints that Tony Stark could be grappling with some post-traumatic stress post-Avengers, and the latest Iron Man 3 clip shows he’s on the verge of cracking up.

Iron Man 3 director reveals the story Marvel refused to let him tell
Trent Moore

There's apparently one classic comic arc that Marvel doesn't want told on the big screen.