iron man 3

Deleted Ant-Man scene includes a major Iron Man 3 easter egg
Trent Moore

Turns out Ant-Man almost had a very sly, but very major, connection to Iron Man 3. Want to see the deleted scene that could’ve tied it all together?

Check out this hilarious low-budget spoof of the Iron Man 3 trailer
Dany Roth

Heroes. There is no such thing. There is, however, this sweding of the first trailer for Iron Man 3 which totally makes up for the lack of heroes with papercraft costumes, hysterical amateur acting and an a capella score that outshines the real thing.

Marvel's finally talking about its super-secret new Avengers short
Dany Roth

We all knew there was going to be a short film attached to Marvel's Avengers Blu-ray. We knew it was going to be awesome. Now we know just how awesome. So—what is Item 47 about, who is in it and what does it mean for the future of the Marvel movie franchise?

See Oscar-winning Artist star audition for Thor 2, Tron 3 and more
Nathalie Caron

What do all European actors do when they get their first big American break? Well, they go on and play the big bad villain in a huge action movie franchise, that's what! But when newly-minted best actor Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin auditions for every villain role his agents can possibly think of, hilarity ensues.

Tony Stark loses everything in 1st intense trailer for Iron Man 3
Trent Moore

The first full trailer for Iron Man 3 has finally been released, setting up what looks to be Tony Stark's (Robert Downey, Jr.) greatest challenge yet. So how does it look? Really, really good.

Mandarin's story is even wilder in unused Iron Man 3 ending clips
Trent Moore

Director Shane Black pulled off one of the biggest twists of the summer in Iron Man 3, but things were almost even crazier. Want to see?

Watch before it's gone: Marvel's Agent Carter short leaks online
Trent Moore

Though it won’t technically be released until Iron Man 3 hits Blu-Ray on Sept. 24, the full cut of Marvel’s Agent Carter one-shot has leaked online — and it’s a ton of fun.

Stark + Rhodey have fun with the Mandarin in deleted Iron Man 3 scene
Trent Moore

The deleted scenes keep coming for Iron Man 3, and the latest showing all three main stars might be the best (and funniest) yet.

Stark meets his biggest fan in hilarious deleted Iron Man 3 scene
Trent Moore

We all know Tony Stark met his biggest super-fan in Iron Man 3, but these hilarious deleted scenes show it could’ve gotten a lot more awkward.

Robert Downey Jr. cracks us (and everyone else) up in the Iron Man 3 gag reel
Dany Roth

The man who is Tony Stark is a funny, funny guy and we've got the first gag reel clip from Iron Man 3 to prove it.

How Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch (and Iron Man!) fit in Avengers 2
Trent Moore

Whedon is looking to dig deeper into the Marvel universe with Avengers 2, and has opened up about how two new additions (and a founding member) will fit.

Iron Man 3 director explains that shocking Mandarin twist
Trent Moore

Iron Man 3 included some pretty good twists, and now director Shane Black has explained why they made that extremely shocking change to the comic canon.

A bunch of Iron Man 3 scenes featured a digital Downey? Really?
Trent Moore

How did Marvel deal with Robert Downey Jr.'s ankle injury on the set of Iron Man 3? They made a digital Downey, Jr.