Iron Man 2

Why badass Samuel L. Jackson says Avengers is his film
Jun 25, 2015

The man who plays Nick Fury says that he'll appear in several Marvel films leading up to The Avengers.

Marvel delays release of Thor, Captain America, Avengers
Jun 25, 2015

Marvel Studios pushed back the release date of Thor, Captain America and The Avengers.

Why Emily Blunt turned down Black Widow in Iron Man 2
Dec 17, 2012

Once upon a time, British actress Emily Blunt was Marvel's first choice to play the part of Black Widow in Iron Man 2—and she turned it down. Then she was up for the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger—and she turned that down, too. But why?

There was a Cosmic Cube easter egg in Iron Man 2--did you see it?
Dec 17, 2012

Half the fun in watching the recent slate of Marvel films is trying to catch the teasers and easter eggs embedded to tease future movies, and apparently most of us missed a big one dropped into Iron Man 2.

Mickey Rourke trashes Marvel execs for messing with Iron Man 2
Dec 15, 2012

Mickey Rourke is a serious, hardworking actor, and he's not happy when people get in the way of his serious, hardworking actor ways. In a new interview, he trashes bigwigs at Marvel studios for failing to show the depth of his Iron Man 2 performance because they were more interested in making "mindless comic book movies."

Marvel rejected an Iron Man 2 scene with Tony and Pepper in bed
Dec 14, 2012

Remember how in the opening of Iron Man 2, Tony Stark makes an over-the-top entrance at his Stark Exposition? Turns out that was not the opening director Jon Favreau originally had in mind.

What's up with J.J. Abrams' Iron Man 2 mystery trailer?
Dec 14, 2012

When theatre owners receive their copies of Iron Man 2 this week, one of the film cans will come with a special electronic lock that cannot be opened until Thursday afternoon.

Sorry, Iron Man: You're not quite as awesome the 2nd time around
Dec 14, 2012

Iron Man 2, oddly, suffers from the problem that often plagues the often-cursed third entry in a series like this: too much going on.

Iron Man 2 kicks off summer with whopping $133.6M
Dec 14, 2012

As expected, the Marvel superhero blew away the competition but fell short of setting a record.