New features on SCI FI Wire iPad app, and it's free!
Jun 25, 2015

There's a new version of the SCI FI Wire app for your iPad, iPhone and Touch.

Super geeky Iron Man iPhone case complete with pulsing arc reactor
Mar 14, 2013

Check out this must-have Avenger accessory. Too bad there's no telemarketer repulsor ray.

Image of the Day: Princess Leia's flirtatious iPhone fail
Jan 14, 2013

Image of the Day: Princess Leia's flirtatious iPhone fail

See bizarre but cute Luke and Leia in 1st Angry Birds Star Wars trailer
Dec 17, 2012

Are you one of the millions who play Angry Birds on the cell phone whenever the opportunity presents itself? Has the love you have for said birds began to wane? Would lightsabers and crazy hair buns help? Well, friend—you're in luck!

You've been asking for it, and the Blastr Android app is now LIVE!
Dec 14, 2012

If you've been hoping to get an Android version of our Blastr app—or for faster versions of our existing apps for your iPod, iPhone or iPad—you're in luck, because these new apps are now live!

See our LIVE, constantly updated mega-gallery of Comic Con photos
Dec 14, 2012

Maybe you couldn't make it to Comic-Con and want to see what you're missing. Maybe you COULD make it to Comic-Con, but since you can't be in a bazillion places at once, you also want to see what you're missing. Whatever your situation, there's no better way to check out the action in San Diego than with Blastr, either here or with the official Syfy Comic-Con 2010 iPhone app.

15 ghoulish apps you can download to your iPhone
Dec 14, 2012

Whenever a new gadget appears, you can be sure it will be demonized in popular culture. Gothic novelists wrote about haunted typewriters. There...

Free Battlestar Cylon Bobblehead iPhone app
Dec 14, 2012

Download the coolest new Battlestar app for your iPhone ... just in time for Christmas.

Now playing at an iPhone near you: SCI FI Wire's new app
Dec 14, 2012

Starting today, download the free app to access all SCI FI Wire news.

I'm sorry, Dave, but you can now download HAL 9000 onto your iPhone
Dec 14, 2012

Put the scary computer from 2001 in the palm of your hand.