TV THIS WEEK: Game of Thrones premieres, Intelligence ends, and more!
Mar 31, 2014

The Walking Dead may have finished its season yesterday, but luckily Game of Thrones arrives just in time to fill the Sunday night void of great genre drama.

Walking Dead wins again, Intelligence drops + 47 other genre shows
Feb 19, 2014

Many of our shows deferred to the Olympics and took the week off, but The Walking Dead stuck around and dominated.

Coven finishes strong, The Following drops + 47 other genre shows
Feb 5, 2014

This week brought another winter finale, and American Horror Story: Coven did not disappoint.

Sleepy Hollow ends strong, Supernatural climbs + 47 other genre shows
Jan 29, 2014

The first early finales are here, and Sleepy Hollow closed out its first season on a high note.

TV THIS WEEK: American Horror Story: Coven ends forever, Sherlock & more!
Jan 27, 2014

The big event of the week is the finale of American Horror Story: Coven, which completes its horrifically campy story, while a Sherlock season finale comes up far too quickly. Find out what else is airing on TV this week.

EXCLUSIVE: John Billingsley talks Intelligence and Enterprise, 'the show that killed' Star Trek
Jan 20, 2014

Actor John Billingsley chatted with us about playing his brilliant new character on Intelligence, about his personal life, and about how he believes Star Trek: Enterprise should have been made.

Intelligence producers promise they've never seen Chuck and didn't rip it off
Jan 16, 2014

The new CBS sci-fi series Intelligence might bare some similarities to NBC’s beloved Chuck, but the creators of the show say they never made a trip to the Buy More to look for ideas.

Intelligence starts huge, Dracula slips + 45 other genre shows
Jan 15, 2014

Two new shows debuted this week, and one of them just happened to be the biggest series premiere of the season.

Intelligence is most-watched new show of the season (but there's a BIG catch)
Jan 8, 2014

The new sci-fi series Intelligence debuted Tuesday night, and positively dominated in the ratings — making it the biggest new show of the fall on any network. But, there’s just one catch.

Why Josh Holloway's character in CBS's Intelligence is the anti-Terminator

CBS's new spy-fi series, Intelligence, premieres tonight, but you're going to want to think more The Six Million Dollar Man than The Terminator, said executive produce Tripp Vinson in this exclusive interview.

TV THIS WEEK: Intelligence and Helix premiere, Teen Wolf returns, and more!

Yay! Regular TV has started its winter return, and we'll get two major new premieres with CBS's Intelligence and Syfy's Helix and the return of the second half of Teen Wolf's third season. Find out more here.

How creator pitched CBS's Intelligence as Six Million Dollar Man for modern era
Jan 6, 2014

The new CBS spy-fi series Intelligence debuts this week, bringing fan favorite Lost star Josh Holloway back with it. So, what should be expect?

Josh Holloway explains why CBS' Intelligence isn't a ripoff of Chuck
Jul 18, 2013

Josh Holloway's clearing the air about his new TV show. He knows some of you are confused about its plot, and its similarity to Chuck. He promises Intelligence isn't a ripoff.