Inspector Spacetime

Watch 1st ep of Who and Community-inspired Inspector Spacetime
Jul 4, 2015

After months of legal wrangling and a pretty ridiculous name change, the Community-inspired web series based on the Doctor Who spoof Inspector Spacetime is here.

Sylvester McCoy joins Who spoof based on Community's Inspector Spacetime
Feb 18, 2014

Hold on, Doctor Who and Community fans, because things are about to get very meta and even more timey-wimey.

See the 'scary bits' of Who-inspired Inspector Spacetime ep. 2
Dec 17, 2012

When Travis Richey took the tiny, blink-and-you'll-miss-it role of Inspector Spacetime on NBC's Community, who could have guessed he'd go on to sort of, kind of, make that into a web series? You've seen episode one, now here's episode TWO.

1st clip from Community-inspired Who spoof Inspector Spacetime
Dec 17, 2012

The hilarious, Community-inspired Doctor Who spoof Inspector Spacetime has inspired its very own web series—albeit one that is technically untitled for legal reasons. And now, we finally get to check out the first teaser trailer.