Infographic of the day: Science fiction predictions of the future, from the past
Sep 3, 2015

Science fiction has been predicting the future for over a century. But will these particular predictions come true?

Infographic of the Day: Evolution of Wonder Woman's costume
Aug 12, 2015

Learn the history of Wonder Woman's iconic outfit through 80 years of DC comics, TV shows and movies.

Massive infographic reveals which Marvel heroes are most popular
Jun 25, 2015

We all know The Avengers brought Marvel's finest to a new level of cultural relevance, but want to know which one is most popular? How about the coolest of the X-Men, based on scientific data? Well, now we know.

Gargantuan new Godzilla infographic dissects the King of the Monsters
Oct 6, 2014

Here's the ultimate creature chart to help celebrate Godzilla's big 60th birthday.

70+ years of Dark Knight history in one massive Batman infographic
Dec 17, 2012

Bruce Wayne's alter ego Batman has been kicking around for more than 70 years, and during that time, there have been a lot of incarnations of the Dark Knight and his rogues gallery. Want to take a walk down memory lane?

Paranormal Activity timeline connects freaky, found-footage dots
Dec 17, 2012

Paranormal Activity, which started as a found footage indie film in the vein of The Blair Witch Project, has quickly grown into one of the biggest modern horror franchises of the decade. Luckily, there's a nifty new infographic to help keep all those sequels straight.

Dizzying infographic explains complex history of 10 Spider-Men
Dec 17, 2012

As with most classic comic book heroes, the story of young Peter Parker is one that has been told and retold about a million different times—all with tiny tweaks and changes depending on the medium, and the writer. Luckily, this nifty infographic will help you keep track of all those different versions of Spider-Man.

Awesome infographic calculates the astronomical cost being Batman
Dec 17, 2012

Think you have the right stuff to fill the Caped Crusader's Teflon-fiber tights? You should probably think again, because doing so would cost you some serious coin. This infographic proves crime may not pay but fighting it can leave you totally broke.

New infographic NOW calculates astronomical cost of being Iron Man
Dec 17, 2012

Two days ago we showed you a very cool chart that calculated the astronomical cost of being Batman. Today we have a new chart that tells us exactly how much cash you'd need to cough up in order to be Iron Man — and it ain't pretty.