Indie films

Return to the world of Blade Runner with this gorgeous indie short film
Feb 21, 2017

We still have a while to wait until we get to see the official Blade Runner sequel in October, so until then, enjoy this indie short set within the same neon-drenched future.

The Lure is the weirdest, deadly mermaid musical trailer you'll see today
Jan 6, 2017

A new trailer for the indie film The Lure has dropped, and there’s certainly no shortage of points for originality.

First trailer for French sci-fi horror film Evolution is guaranteed to give you the creeps
Oct 4, 2016

If you’re looking to get outside your comfort zone for a horror film later this year, the French flick Evolution should do the trick.

The apocalypse is a terrifying place in new trailer for indie thriller The Survivalist
Jan 22, 2016

The apocalypse can paint a big canvas, but it's often the small stories about the end of the world that resonate the most. The Survivalist looks to be one of the creepiest in ages.