Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg confirms George Lucas' involvement in Indiana Jones 5
Jun 22, 2016

Spielberg announces that his good friend and creative colleague will join him in making the next Indiana Jones sequel.

Jurassic Park, Crystal Skull writer signs on to script Spielberg's Indiana Jones 5
Mar 18, 2016

The co-screenwriter for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes with an impressive portfolio, but can he deliver Indy's latest adventure?

Steven Spielberg says Harrison Ford will be the only Indiana Jones
Dec 2, 2015

Could someone else ever play Indiana Jones once Harrison Ford hangs up the bullwhip? Not if Steven Spielberg has anything to say about it.

Wait! Indiana Jones 5 may not be as dead as we'd thought
Dec 17, 2012

The back and forth continues over a potential fifth sequel in the Indiana Jones franchise, and now it seems all that naysaying may have come a little too soon. Indy ain't dead yet, folks.