Brad Bird confirms Incredibles 2 next, teases potential Star Wars film down the line
May 11, 2015

With Tomorrowland almost in the books, director Brad Bird is lining up his next few projects — and they should make genre fans very, very happy.

Amazing unused Incredibles promo from Barbarella poster designer
Jan 22, 2013

Robert McGinnis might be a name you're not immediately aware of, but you've definitely seen his art. Posters for James Bond and Barberella are on his resume as are the covers to the many Hard Case Crime series of paperbacks.

Incredibles director wants John Carter critics to lay off the hate
Dec 16, 2012

As John Carter tries to overcome poor buzz and all the grim predictions that come along with poor buzz, director Andrew Stanton is taking to Twitter to promote the hell out of the flick. Now his friend and Pixar cohort Brad Bird is also using his tweets to fight for the film, and bash all that bad press.