incredible hulk

Learn what would piss off a real Hulk in funny (slightly) NSFW video
Jun 25, 2015

For you and me, there's nothing more irritating than running out of toilet paper. But when it happens to the Hulk, well ... let's just say you wouldn't want to see him angry. (Actually, in this case ... yeah, you would.)

Image of the Day: Incredibly detailed scrap-metal Hulk is the definition of art
Oct 9, 2014

What do you get when you combine weeks of painstaking work, scrap metal and an affinity for Marvel heroes? The Incredible (Recyclable) Hulk.

19 jaw-dropping sci-fi computer case mods
May 9, 2014

Why have a normal computer when you can have one that puts a starship or a superhero on your desktop?

Why Marvel picked Norton over Ruffalo for 2008's Incredible Hulk
May 29, 2013

So why did Marvel pass over eventual Avengers star Mark Ruffalo for Edward Norton in 2008's Incredible Hulk flick?

5 pages of awesome art from an unpublished 1962 Kirby Hulk story
Dec 16, 2012

Want to see five pages of unused Jack Kirby art for a 1962 Hulk story that never saw print? We thought you might.

Buffy, Trek and 14 other Thanksgiving episodes of sci-fi TV shows
Dec 15, 2012

What makes Thanksgiving so popular with sci-fi shows? Is it the humanizing touch it brings to supernatural characters? Is it that the holiday affords a unique opportunity to have family-themed episodes? Is it because it's really easy and cheap to film a handful of people sitting around a dining room table?