Immortals director REALLY wants to make a Samurai Jack movie
Jul 4, 2015

While doing press for his mythtacularly bloody epic Immortals, director Tarsem Singh let slip that what he's really like to take a stab at is a movie version of Genndy Tartakovski's warrior-lost-in-time cartoon, Samurai Jack.

Henry Cavill's new butt-kicking, spear-throwing Immortals trailer
Dec 15, 2012

A new trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals has been released—and everybody's angry. Henry Cavill's upset, Mickey Rourke's got a chip on his shoulder and Luke Evans is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore!

11 photos of Immortals make us think of 300
Dec 15, 2012

Immortals is an upcoming movie about the gods of Greece and their war with humanity. We have 11 photos for you. If you think that these pictures seem familiar, so do we. At first glance, they look like photos taken from an alternate set of 300.

Henry Cavill gets his rage on in tense new Immortals clip
Dec 15, 2012

Henry Cavill's mad as heck and he's not going to take it anymore! In the latest clip from Immortals, the actor goes head to head with an entire army led by his arch nemesis King Hyperion. And what starts off as a mellow conversation quickly turns into a heated confrontation.

Immortals gets gut-wrenchingly gory in exciting new fight clip
Dec 15, 2012

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see director Tarsem Singh's Greek epic film Immortals. And this newest clip, which shows a very gory and highly stylized battle sequence between the Olympian Gods led by Zeus (Luke Evans) and some beastly creatures, is making us wanna see it even more.

Catch the new Superman in action in Immortals teaser trailer
Dec 14, 2012

It'll be awhile before we can see Henry Cavill as Superman, and his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors didn't really give us that much of a clue as to what kind of Man of Steel he'll turn out to be.

1st full-length Immortals trailer makes us long for Man of Steel
Dec 14, 2012

We know the new Immortals trailer is supposed to make us all excited about seeing Immortals, but honestly, what it does is make us want to see Man of Steel even MORE.