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Image of the Day: Here's our first official look at Alien: Covenant

20th Century Fox has released the first official image for director Ridley Scott's next Alien opus.

Image of the Day: Behold the breathtaking Bubble Nebula

Here's an awesome  anniversary image to help celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope's 26th birthday.

Image of the Day: Bryan Singer reveals our first look at The blob in X-Men: Apocalypse

Brian Singer has revealed that this Brotherhood of Mutants team member will make his appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Image of the Day: First look at Elizabeth Banks as Power Rangers' new Rita Repulsa

The classic kid-action franchise Power Rangers is getting a hard reboot for the big screen, and now we have our first look at how the series’ most iconic baddie has been reimagined.

Image of the Day: This portrait of Daenerys Targaryen is salty. Literally. It's made of salt.

A work of art can last for centuries. If it you make your art from salt, though? Eh, maybe snap a picture.

Image of the Day: First official poster for Marvel's Doctor Strange casts a spell

Marvel has released the first official poster for Doctor Strange, ahead of the movie's first preview on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Image of the Day: Luke Skywalker trains Rey...Yoda-style

The circle is now complete. When Luke and Yoda trained, Luke was but the learner. Now he is the master.

Image of the day: First look at Guillermo del Toro's new Netflix series Trollhunters

Just about everything Guillermo del Toro touches turns into geek gold, and now the acclaimed director is turning his sights on a Netflix original series. Here’s our first look at Trollhunters.

Image of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch makes magic in official Doctor Strange pic

A new official pic of Benedict Cumberbatch readying to cast a spell as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme has emerged.

Image of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch visits comic book shop -- as Doctor Strange!

Benedict Cumberbatch celebrated the end of shooting on Doctor Strange by taking it back to where it all began.