The writers and cast of AMC's mini-series Humans turn up the heat on artificial intelligence
Jun 29, 2015

The writers and cast of Humans, including William Hurt, talk about their eerie and chilling sci-fi drama about artificial life and robots.

The Synths are watching us in 3 intense teasers for AMC's new sci-fi series Humans
May 26, 2015

The "rise of the machines" will not only unfold on the big screen with Terminator Genisys, but also hit closer to home with AMC's Humans.

First Halo, now this: Xbox Live prepping new android sci-fi drama Humans
Apr 7, 2014

After announcing a big-budget Halo series from Steven Spielberg and smaller-budget series to accompany it, Xbox Live has announced its first non-Halo original programming.