Hugh Laurie

House star could be the villain in Lindelof's mysterious Tomorrowland
Feb 13, 2013

A familiar face to TV fans could be the big baddie in Damon Lindelof's Tomorrowland.

Watch out, RoboCop! Your 'evil and ultra-rich' enemy has been cast
Dec 17, 2012

As more casting news starts to trickle out about the upcoming RoboCop reboot, we keep getting more and more excited about how cool this thing could be. So who will be the big bad facing off with RoboCop 2.0?

That RoboCop remake just lost the bad guy we were all hoping for
Dec 17, 2012

Casting rumors giveth, and then they taketh away. That's exactly what happened with José Padilha's RoboCop remake. One of the film's key roles has yet to be filled and its front runner has jumped ship.

Watch Hugh Laurie battle zombies in bizarre House dream sequence
Dec 14, 2012

Did you see the episode of House where he battled ... zombies? It sounds like the setup for a joke, I know, but Monday night's installment saw the good doctor—for a brief stretch—taking apart a small flock of the undead with surgical precision.