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Hot Toys reveals new Hoth-prepped Princess Leia premium figure

Here's a beautiful, screen-accurate collector's edition action figure of Princess Leia dressed in her Hoth whites from The Empire Strikes Back.

Hot Toys reveals first look at Guardians Vol. 2's Peter Quill figure with Baby Groot

Hot Toys has unveiled a first look at their new figure of everyone’s favorite fearless Guardians of the Galaxy leader — Star-Lord — and you can have a look at the awesome collectible in a batch of revealing pics.

Spider-Man is back in new Homecoming posters, homemade costume action figure
Mar 24, 2017

Peter Parker sports his hand-crafted costume in these images for Hot Toys' Spider-Man: Homecoming collectible

Hot Toys teases their deluxe Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Joker Suicide Squad figures
Jul 27, 2016

Here's a tempting trio of premium Suicide Squad collector figures to blow some dough on.

Six startling new shots of Hot Toys' humongous 18-foot Millennium Falcon
Jul 24, 2015

 Observe the shock and awe of this majestic Star Wars scale model.

Hot Toys' insane new 18-foot Millennium Falcon dwarfs all Star Wars collectibles
Jul 20, 2015

You're gonna need a bigger docking bay for this colossal Star Wars collectible!

Skinny wormholes could allow us to communicate across time
Jun 30, 2014

Like faster-than-light fiber optic cable, wormholes could hold the key to real-world subspace communication.

Hot Toys' smokin' new Captain America figure will dive right off your desk
Mar 17, 2014

Steve Rogers gets the full Golden Age treatment with this incredible sculpture.