Here are the new characters for Scream's rebooted Season 3

When Scream returns to MTV for a third killer season later this year, the show will not only feature a new showrunner in Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries) and Queen Latifah as one of the executive producers, but also a completely different cast of characters.

Hook reimagined as a Peter Pan horror movie actually works really well

Steven Spielberg’s Hook is a modern classic, casting Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan who has to reconnect with his inner child and return to Neverland when his children are kidnapped. But, what if they turned the focus back on Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook?

Stuff We Love: Uzumaki is the scariest movie you've never seen

You will find yourself spiraling into the horror before you have any idea what is happening to you.

This rarely-seen Japanese Exorcist comic will make your head spin
Apr 4, 2017

Pass the pea soup and check out this vintage Exorcist comic from Japan.

Don't touch the magical murder box in new trailer for Wish Upon
Mar 24, 2017

A mysterious device grants murderous wishes in new Wish Upon trailer.

New clip from indie horror flick The Blackcoat's Daughter will give you the creeps
Mar 9, 2017

The indie horror film The Blackcoat's Daughter is generating some solid buzz ahead of its wider release, and a new clip shows off the atmospheric dread that holds this possession tale together.

First trailer for sci-fi film Phoenix Forgotten explores real-life UFO sighting
Mar 3, 2017

The new sci-fi film Phoenix Forgotten aims to tell a fictional story around the real-life UFO sighting nicknamed the "Phoenix Lights" that appeared over Arizona back in 1997.

75-year-old theme park is auctioning off freaky old animatronics
Feb 13, 2017

Some vintage animatronics have been pulled out of storage are now up for sale. You know, in case you want to turn your man cave into a little corner of Hell on Earth.

Sony's making a horror movie about a killer app (and it's not called Killer App)
Feb 8, 2017

Sony is ramping up development on a new horror film aimed at the cellphone crowd, which should make for a literal killer app.

Samara comes to life in hilariously freaky Rings viral TV store prank
Jan 24, 2017

Is it a bit obvious? Sure. But it’s still really fully to see people freak the flip out when a horror monster literally crawls out of a TV.