FX renews freaky anthology American Horror Story for two more seasons

The quality might vary on occasion, but American Horror Story is still a major hit for FX. As such, it'll be sticking around for a while.

First creepy trailer for XX, a new horror anthology from four 'killer' female directors

With shows like Black Mirror and films like V/H/S finding success, it’s hard to think of a better era to be a fan of anthology horror. The next up? XX, which features a killer line-up of female directors.

It's Katee Sackhoff vs. the ghost witch in new trailer for horror flick Don’t Knock Twice

Katee Sackhoff is trading in her Viper for a horror story this year, and here’s the first look at Don’t Knock Twice.

Resident Evil 7 is as creepy as ever in three new gameplay trailers
Dec 9, 2016

The next installment in the Resident Evil franchise is heading in a new direction, and now we have some fresh footage from the next zombie outbreak.

First footage from Channel Zero's creepy new season, No-End House
Nov 17, 2016

The first season of Syfy’s acclaimed anthology series Channel Zero: Candle Cove ended this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s not another freaky story already in the works. Want a peek?

Aaron Eckhart mind-melds to fight a demon in new trailer for Incarnate
Oct 21, 2016

The exorcism subgenre is getting pretty stale these days, but this new mid-budget horror flick from the Blumhouse factory is aiming to spice it up with a sci-fi angle. Enter Incarnate.

Robert Englund's fantastic pitch for a new Nightmare on Elm Street sequel
Oct 12, 2016

It’s been decades since the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise was actually relevant, but original star Robert Englund has a pretty cool idea to get the franchise back on track.