Hungry for horror? We grade Horns and 4 other flicks on Amazon Instant
Oct 31, 2014

Before Daniel Radcliffe's latest new movie, Horns, came out in theaters, it was already available to watch on Amazon Instant. And so were 4 other horror movies.

Daniel Radcliffe gets even more devilishly horny in the latest Horns promotional images
Sep 26, 2014

Turns out that if you suddenly grow horns overnight, things are probably going to go downhill from there.

The devil comes for Daniel Radcliffe in fiery new trailer for Horns (+ a new poster)
Aug 27, 2014

When the whole town thinks you're a devil already, what happens when you start to look the part?

Harry Potter sprouts Horns in weird horror film's first trailer
Jul 15, 2014

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is getting into some devilish territory in the first trailer for his new movie, Horns.