Honest Trailer

Ryan Reynolds himself shows up in Deadpool's fourth-wall busting Honest Trailer
May 10, 2016

Cranking out an “Honest Trailer” has become almost a tradition these days for the various huge sci-fi and superhero flicks, but you just knew Deadpool couldn’t follow the status quo.

Get ready for Winter Soldier with hilarious honest trailer for Captain America
Mar 25, 2014

Sure, all the focus is on The Winter Soldier these days, but the next week we’ll spend waiting is a fine time to look back on the First Avenger flick that kicked off the story of Steve Rogers.

Prepare for Rise of an Empire with hilarious, honest trailer for 300
Feb 26, 2014

With a sequel on the way and Zack Snyder now prepping Batman vs. Superman, it’s a fine time to look back at the action flick that made Snyder a household name.