Video reveals which Hobbit star can name all the dwarves fastest
Jan 14, 2013

Well, there's Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Blitzen. Comet and Cupid and ... wait, no. Sorry, those are reindeer. Still, naming all 12 dwarves from The Hobbit is a multi-tiered challenge. Are the folks behind the film up to the challenge? And who can recite them the fastest?

LEGO Hobbit fan vid puts Merry and Pippin in Halloween trouble
Dec 17, 2012

Halloween theme? Check. Hobbits? Double breakfast check. LEGO? IT'S ALL OVER. Just submit to this fan video, for it is today's one, true ring of stop-motion animation.

Hobbits ready for take-off in hilarious (real) airline safety vid
Dec 17, 2012

Can we all agree that those safety videos at the beginning of a flight are coma-inducingly dull? We get it: put on your oxygen mask, head between the knees, and prepare to die. BORING! Give us something fun to watch like, say... Hobbits!