The Hobbit

Martin Freeman joins Captain America: Civil War
Don Kaye

Just because Captain America: Civil War has already started filming, it doesn't mean the movie can't keep adding cast members.

George R.R. Martin just donated a super-rare Tolkien book to a university library
Matthew Jackson

George R.R. Martin has long been an advocate for genre literature, and he proved it last month with a rare book donation to a Texas university.

The Shire and Middle-earth are heading to Spain as a new theme park
Nathalie Caron

A planned Lord of The Rings and Hobbit-inspired theme park will make you feel like Bilbo Baggins. 

Weta Workshop at 20: An interview with Richard Taylor
Lisa Granshaw

We talk to the man who brought Middle-earth to life about the prominent VFX company's past, present and future.

VIDEO: Why The Hobbit can't measure up to The Lord of the Rings
Jeff Spry

Here's a scholarly dissection on the differences between Peter Jackson's Middle-earth trilogies.

Watch the recut 4-hour Hobbit trilogy while you can
Carol Pinchefsky

Why one fan cut Tauriel, Radagast, Galadriel and Old Bilbo from the Hobbit trilogy.

Eddie Redmayne recounts his embarrassing Bilbo Baggins audition
Matthew Jackson

Highly sought-after roles can make for some pretty embarrassing audition stories.

WTF? Peter Jackson now says he hates Hollywood franchises
Don Kaye

For a man who's just completed one of the biggest Hollywood franchises in history, Peter Jackson sure has a peculiar view of them.

Live It Up Gift Guide: Geek lifestyle gifts from Firefly, Hellboy, The Hobbit, Star Trek, and more
Aaron Sagers

Sure, your giftee can watch, read, and game, but these are suggestions dedicated to replicas, lifestyle items, and geek chic fashion to bring their nerdiness to life.

New to Tolkien? Get a 4-minute video crash course in Middle-earth mythology
Matthew Jackson

If you want to know how Tolkien's Middle-earth is put together but don't have the time or patience for The Silmarillion, this might be a good place to start.

Watch the lovefest that is the Hobbit effects creators meeting Hobbit cosplayers
Dany Roth

What happens when the people who make the movie magic meet the fans who try to imitate that movie magic? You guessed it -- the most magical magic of them all.

Russian church fights construction of a real LOTR Eye of Sauron
Matthew Jackson

A group of Russian artists and their display of Lord of the Rings fandom has taken some heavy public criticism.

Live in LA? Wanna rent a Hobbit Hole? That is now officially an option.
Dany Roth

If you're looking to relocate to the West Coast, might we suggest the Shire ... which is in Culver City now, apparently?