Heroes Reborn

Robbie Kay makes Zachary Levi disappear in two Heroes Reborn clips
Sep 23, 2015

Here’s what happens when a young ordinary guy with extraordinary disappearing abilities “runs afoul” of Zachary Levi’s big bad Heroes Reborn vigilante, Luke.

New Heroes Reborn TV promo seemingly confirms a big character death
Sep 21, 2015

"Forget about the past, save the future." The latest Heroes Reborn TV promo seemingly confirms this character's tragic demise.

HRG is on the hunt for his missing memory in new Heroes Reborn video featurette
Sep 3, 2015

Noah Bennet tries to piece his missing memory back together in new Heroes Reborn featurette.

Tim Kring takes us behind the scenes of Heroes: Reborn in new footage
Aug 26, 2015

We’re just a few weeks away from the premiere of NBC’s Heroes: Reborn, and series creator Tim Kring has pulled back the curtain for a peek behind the scenes.

Tim Kring on how Heroes Reborn will avoid the pitfalls of the original series
Aug 14, 2015

The rise and fall of NBC’s Heroes has been well documented, as a dynamite debut season collapsed under the weight of its own ambition into a mess of muddled stories and contrivances that left even the most stalwart fans reaching for the remote.

Image of the Day: Old and new characters meet in new poster for Heroes Reborn
Jul 28, 2015

NBC has released a new poster for Heroes Reborn, showing the mix of old and new characters coming together to create something fresh and (hopefully) good.

Tim Kring on avoiding past mistakes with NBC's Heroes Reborn limited series
Jul 10, 2015

Not many shows have enjoyed the highs and lows quite like NBC’s Heroes, and with a return trip in sight, series creator Tim Kring hopes to avoid the pitfalls that doomed the one-time hit.

Heroes Reborn producers developing Hugh Howey's sci-fi tale Sand into TV series
Jul 9, 2015

Summer just heated up another notch with news of Heroes Reborn producers picking up the adaptation rights to Hugh Howey's hot self-published novel, Sand.