This is the Hendo Hoverboard 2.0 that’ll be delivered to Kickstarter backers
Oct 22, 2015

Not content to let Back to the Future Day pass without a little built-in publicity, Arx Pax officially unveiled the 2.0 version of its Hendo Hoverboard — and this is the one all those Kickstarter backers will actually get to ride.

Tony Hawk helped design Hendo’s new 2.0 version of the hover board
Oct 15, 2015

We’re already geeked out by Arx Pax’s original Hendo hoverboard, and now the company is getting ready to unveil the 2.0 version. Even better? They have an A-lister helping provide some pointers.

NASA using hoverboard tech to build its own tractor beam for satellites
Sep 3, 2015

The minds at NASA are teaming up with the up-start tech company behind the Hendo hoverboard to create some new space tech. How could this not be cool?