Hemlock Grove

Take a look at the first, bloody footage from Hemlock Grove's final season

Netflix’s horror series Hemlock Grove is coming back for one final season, and now we have our first bloody look at its return.

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Summer TV is getting even hotter this week with four big premieres, including Guillermo del Toro's much-anticipated vampire series.

Synopsis, teaser clip + premiere date for Hemlock Grove S2 on Netflix

Though most of Netflix’s critical success has come on the back of political drama House of Cards, the streaming company also dipped its toe into supernatural horror with Hemlock Grove.

Netflix bringing Roth's freaky Hemlock Grove back for a 2nd season

Netflix has been dipping its toe into the original programming pool recently, and it looks like they’ll be bringing their first horror-fantasy series back for a second season.

Sexy, bloody new NSFW trailer for Eli Roth's series Hemlock Grove

Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove: Sex, blood and werewolves. What could go wrong?

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There are two big, groundbreaking premieres this week – Syfy new multi-platform sci-fi series, Defiance, and Netflix's supernatural entry, Hemlock Grove, which will post all 13 episodes in the same day.

Monsters come out in latest trailer for Eli Roth's horror series

A new trailer for Eli Roth's supernatural series Hemlock Grove peels back a few more ghastly layers.

1st trailer for Eli Roth's new Netflix horror series Hemlock Grove

Though most edgy new series are relegated to cable these days, horror auteur Eli Roth's new project Hemlock Grove is skipping the TV system entirely and heading straight to Netflix. Want to see the first creepy, sexy trailer?