Comic artist Steve Dillon, best known for Preacher, dies at 54
Oct 24, 2016

Legendary comic artist Steve Dillon has passed away at the age of 54, but he leaves a lasting mark on popular culture.

It's official: Matt Ryan's Constantine is coming to The CW's Arrow
Aug 13, 2015

NBC’s short-lived Constantine series might be officially dead, it seems the namesake Hellblazer will be getting a reprieve this fall on The CW's Arrow. The small screen DC universe is getting a whole lot bigger.

Constantine officially done at NBC (but it's not dead yet)
May 8, 2015

Constantine won't be back on NBC but, apparently, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be back at all.

Want to support Constantine? Watch it this weekend
Apr 23, 2015

Constantine's future hangs in the balance, and now NBC is giving you the chance to show some support (and catch up on a fun show).

Executive producer reveals when we'll finally learn the fate of NBC's Constantine
Mar 30, 2015

A second season renewal for NBC’s Constantine has been iffy for a while now. Will the network finally say yes?

Is NBC looking to move Constantine to a new home?
Feb 9, 2015

Looks like NBC is working hard to save John Constantine’s soul from going into the fiery pits of hell ... and its comic-book-based TV series from cancellation.

Exclusive: Constantine winter premiere clip preps for an exorcism
Jan 14, 2015

When the Hellblazer crew returns this Friday after a winter break, John is possessed by a demon and his friends use their best assets to save him.

Constantine screened at New York Comic-Con - here's what you need to know
Oct 10, 2014

Hellblazer is a comic book about angels, demons and bitterness. It looks as if the TV show follows the comic's fabulous formula.

NBC's Constantine director promises 'dark' adaptation, no smoking
Jun 30, 2014

Some new info on NBC’s Constantine series has arrived thanks to the director Neil Marshall, and it sounds like the small-screen Hellblazer will officially be smoke-free.

Hell comes to earth in 1st trailer, clip from NBC's Constantine series
May 12, 2014

Has NBC given us the version of Constantine we all want and deserve? Check out the first trailer and tell us what you think.

Here's what we know about NBC's Constantine: He'll be blond and British
Feb 3, 2014

We may not yet know who’ll step into the shoes of the titular character of NBC’s upcoming Constantine TV show, but we know at least one very, very important thing: He’s going to be British.

1st casting call from NBC's Constantine series reveals familiar name (+2 new ones)
Jan 27, 2014

The first casting news from NBC’s Constantine series has trickled out, and it reveals the studio is looking to cast one familiar face from the DC universe — along with two folks who remain a mystery.

Hellblazer lives! VERY good news for NBC's upcoming Constantine series
Jan 14, 2014

It looks like a DC renaissance is brewing, and the comic company’s resident demon-fighting badass is now one step closer to the small screen.