Helix's Billy Campbell previews what's next in S2 of Ron Moore's Syfy series
Jan 29, 2015

Ronald D. Moore’s sci-fi series Helix is in the midst of its second season, and star Billy Campbell has opened up about what’s coming next.


7 things to know about Helix’s virus-tastic (and twist-filled) season two premiere
Jan 15, 2015

The first season of Syfy’s Helix was an icy thrill ride, and Ronald D. Moore’s outbreak tale returns this week. So, how does the new season shape up?

TV THIS WEEK: 12 Monkeys premieres, Helix returns, and more!
Jan 12, 2015

It's a big week for Syfy, with one major series returning and another bringing us its very first episode.

The island might be scarier than the Arctic in new trailer for Helix S2
Jan 2, 2015

We’re just a few weeks away from the return of Ronald D. Moore’s sci-fi series Helix, and at the latest trailer shows off some freaky new footage.


Freaky new trailer for S2 of Syfy's Helix takes us to the island of the infected
Dec 19, 2014

The first season of Helix was an ambitious mess of big ideas and black goo, and now Ronald D. Moore’s tale of a sci-fi outbreak is almost back.

The infected are back in freaky full trailer and first clip for Helix S2
Dec 4, 2014

Things have been relatively quiet on the Helix front, but don’t worry, the vectors are still out there and they’re getting ready to cause a boatload of trouble very soon.

Someone is playing God in this brand-new Helix season 2 promo
Oct 24, 2014

Syfy has released a brand-new promo teaser for the upcoming second season of its sci-fi series Helix, and it looks like things are about to get chilling again.

First footage from Helix S2 shows we're definitely not in the Arctic anymore
Sep 16, 2014

The first season of Helix was a taut thriller with some positively insane ideas, all thrown together in a (slightly too) ambitious mixed bag. Well, good news — season two looks even crazier.

TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Helix finales and more!
Mar 24, 2014

Several shows with big finales wind up their seasons, and you can bet it's going to get bloody, as The Walking Dead reaches Terminus, Teen Wolf tries to outfox the Nogitsune, and Helix proves that immortality can be a bitch.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal TV.

Watch 5 minutes from the penultimate episode of Helix's S1 finale
Mar 17, 2014

There are just two episodes left before Helix's first 13-episode season comes to an end, and now we have the opening scenes from the penultimate episode.

Ron Moore reveals the argument he lost with George Lucas over the Star Wars TV series
Mar 13, 2014

Ron Moore recently revealed a little argument he lost with George Lucas about that Star Wars live-action TV series ... and why George always wins.

Hannibal returns up, Walking Dead drops + 48 other genre shows
Mar 5, 2014

All our shows are back from their Olympics hiatus this week, so we've got a lot to talk about, including the season-two premiere of Hannibal.

Helix climbs, Star-Crossed premieres low + 48 other genre shows
Feb 26, 2014

A new show joined our ranks this week, but, unfortunately, its premiere numbers might mean it won't be around very long.