NASA developing cutting-edge gauze that could save future astronauts
Oct 11, 2016

There are a lot of technical hurdles to overcome before we put boots on Mars, and one of the less obvious (thought certainly important) is how to deal with injuries that far away from Earth.

Apollo astronauts five-times more likely to die of heart disease due to space radiation
Aug 2, 2016

NASA has recently started an institute to study the long-term effect of space travel on the human body, and how to potentially counteract those issues in a potential mission to Mars. Well, it seems those scientists have one more major problem to tackle.

Wanna lose weight? New study says you should watch scary movies
Dec 17, 2012

Weight loss is tough. You try to eat right, try to get to the gym, but you're still disappointed every time you step on the scale. Well, there could be an easier way. According to new research, you might be able to burn calories and shed a few pounds just by sitting on the couch and watching scary movies.