Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell says she's still pushing for more Agent Carter
Aug 5, 2016

ABC may have canceled Marvel's Agent Carter, and Netflix may have passed on the show, but that’s not stopping Hayley Atwell for pushing for more adventures for Captain America’s best girl.

Rumor of the day: Agent Carter renewed for Season 3, despite low ratings
Mar 7, 2016

The ratings have not been kind to Marvel’s cult hit Agent Carter, but a new report indicates the ABC series will be coming back for a third season, anyway.

Hayley Atwell hints at a possible Season 3 for Agent Carter
Mar 1, 2016

Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell teases at a possible third season for the Marvel series.

Hayley Atwell cast as the lead in new ABC pilot Conviction may spell trouble for Agent Carter
Feb 10, 2016

With Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell cast in a new ABC pilot, what will it mean for the Marvel series?

In the latest episode of Agent Carter, we meet the Peggy who almost wasn't
Feb 3, 2016

In last night's episode, we saw a backstory to Peggy Carter that almost had her choose a the married life over one of adventure.

A familiar face returns to Agent Carter in Season 2's third episode
Jan 27, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 is moving into full swing with its second episode, and here's how we thought it went.

Agent Carter shows off her sneaky spy skills in new clip from Season 2
Jan 13, 2016

We’re less than a week away from Agent Carter’s return, and it seems the shrewd spy will be up to her old tricks when the fan favorite Marvel series returns.

Agent Carter producer on what changed (and stayed the same) with the move to L.A. in Season 2
Jan 13, 2016

When its second season premieres next week, ABC’s Peggy Carter will be heading to the West Coast for a fresh start — but that doesn’t mean a few things won’t stay the same.

Get ready for Agent Carter Season 2 with 60 pics from the two-hour premiere
Jan 10, 2016

Still not ready for Marvel's Agent Carter's Season 2 premiere? This massive gallery of character portraits and stills should do the trick.

Full-length Agent Carter Season 2 synopsis reveals Peggy's new mission
Dec 31, 2015

Here are the details of the new investigation that leads Agent Peggy Carter to move from New York City to sunny California.

Peggy is ready for a new adventure in first footage from Agent Carter Season 2
Nov 18, 2015

With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hitting on all cylinders this season, you might have almost forgotten Marvel’s other ABC series will be back for another go-round in just two months. Luckily, we have the first footage from Agent Carter’s second season as a nice reminder.