Han Solo

Here's Disney's shortlist to play young Han Solo in the next Star Wars spinoff
Trent Moore

Disney is keen to capitalize on its Lucasfilm investment, and now we know who could star as a young Han Solo in one of those Star Wars spinoff films.

Writer Lawrence Kasdan reveals when Han Solo standalone movie takes place
Carol Pinchefsky

Thanks to screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, we now know a bit more about the adventures of Han Solo.

Lots of stuff was cut from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoiler alert!)
Don Kaye

OK, so by now most of you have probably seen the new Star Wars movie, maybe more than once. But what about the stuff we didn't see? Spoilers ahead!

Harrison Ford says he wants 'nothing to do' with the young Han Solo movie
Nathalie Caron

Harrison Ford explains how deep his involvement with the young Han Solo Star Wars movie will be.

Star Wars spinoff met with more than 2,500 actors to play a young Han Solo
Nathalie Caron

Disney and Lucasfilm are casting their nets far and wide to find the perfect young Han Solo.

Here's Harrison Ford's advice to the next Han Solo
Nathalie Caron

With a young Han Solo Star Wars anthology film on the horizon, Harrison Ford had some words of wisdom to impart to the man who will step into the lovable rogue's boots.

How old will Han Solo be in that prequel? Kathleen Kennedy has details
Matthew Jackson

Details about that new Star Wars: Anthology film starring a young Han Solo are finally emerging.

Han Solo origin film in the works with The Lego Movie's Miller and Lord to direct
Trent Moore

We finally know what Lucasfilm will be doing with its other Star Wars anthology film, and they’ve made one heck of an interesting hire to direct.

Two directors rumored to be in the mix for second Star Wars spinoff film
Don Kaye

The search for a filmmaker to take over the second Star Wars Anthology movie may be leading back to some well-regarded names.