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22 videogame gifts your friends will love (but you may want to keep)
Jul 4, 2015

Now that Thanksgiving's over, it's time to shop until you drop! What should you get your sibling, cousin or best bud? How about one of the biggest video games of the year? We've chosen 22 or the year's most-wanted titles to add to your shopping list, including Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed III and more!

1st look at 8 epic, exclusive Halo 4 concept art images
Jan 14, 2013

With Microsoft's eagerly anticipated Halo 4 hitting shelves today, we have eight exclusive shots from the development of the game—which will be featured in a book chronicling the development of one of the most epic video games ever made.

Master Chief's origins exposed in terrifying Halo 4 trailer
Dec 17, 2012

Ancient evil awakens in the launch trailer for Halo 4. We may never get a Halo movie, but this footage is close enough. It's intense and cinematic, which isn't a surprise considering its produced by one of Hollywood's top directors—David Fincher (The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

At last! Microsoft has figured out how to get a Halo movie made
Dec 17, 2012

Six years ago, Microsoft tried to team with Hollywood to bring blockbuster video game franchise Halo to the big screen. Things didn't work out so well, but now Microsoft's trying again, and this time they're pushing Hollywood aside and delivering the flick straight to fans.

1st full trailer for Halo 4 movie plunges us into an alien war
Dec 17, 2012

Earlier this week, we told you about Microsoft's plan to finally get a Halo movie off the ground in the form of a multi-million dollar web series that will be re-packaged as a full-length movie in conjunction with Halo 4. Halo: Forward Unto Dawn won't begin appearing on the web until October, but the epic first full trailer is here.

Master Chief rules in 1st look at cover art for long-awaited Halo 4
Dec 17, 2012

It took some doing on the part of some very dedicated gamers to reveal this image, the official cover to the upcoming Halo 4. But this epic, iconic shot of the Master Chief seems like it was worth the trouble.