Halle Berry

Halle Berry joins Natalie Portman in The Wachowskis' latest epic
Jul 4, 2015

The reclusive filmmakers behind The Matrix and Speed Racer are stocking their latest science fiction project with an Oscar-caliber cast, including Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman, and Halle Berry.

1st official look at Hanks and Berry in the Wachowskis' sci-fi epic
Jul 4, 2015

We finally have an official first look at The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas. It's an adaptation of the book of the same name and stars Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Jim Broadbent. Check out these photos of the three stars in action.

Rumor of the Day: 2 more X-Men stars sought for Days of Future Past
Jul 4, 2015

How many Former X-Men stars can Bryan Singer squeeze into Days of Future Past? Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have already been confirmed, while Hugh Jackman's in negotiations. Now the latest buzz suggests two more alumni may come on board.

1st intriguing clip from Spielberg's Extant reveals Halle Berry's (alien?) visitor
Jun 30, 2014

One of the big mysteries surrounding Extant is what the heck happened to Halle Berry when she was in space, and a new clip gives us our first big hint.

Alien mystery gets even deeper in new trailer for Berry + Spielberg's Extant
Jun 3, 2014

We’re just a month away from the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi series, Extant, and the network has dropped a new trailer that digs deeper into the alien mystery.

Extended trailer for Spielberg's Extant uncovers more sci-fi secrets
May 15, 2014

Halle Berry has some explaining to do, starting with her mysterious pregnancy.

New trailer for Halle Berry's Extant is sci-fi conspiracy meets Rosemary’s Baby
May 8, 2014

A new trailer for Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series Extant has arrived, and we’re really digging that creepy sci-fi vibe. Get ready for Rosemary’s (alien?) Baby.

Meet Halle Berry's astronaut in new trailer for Spielberg's sci-fi series Extant
Apr 30, 2014

A new trailer for Halle Berry’s upcoming sci-fi series Extant has arrived, showing off more of her mysterious space mission and the conspiracies that await her when she gets back to Earth.

1st footage from Halle Berry's new high-concept sci-fi series Extant
Apr 1, 2014

Watch out, Sandra Bullock, because another acclaimed leading lady is heading into space soon.

Bryan Singer responds to rumor Halle Berry is getting cut from X-Men: DOFP
Mar 18, 2014

A rumor has been making the rounds that Halle Berry’s pregnancy might have led Singer to edit most of her scenes out of X-Men. So, is it true?

What is Extant? 1st intriguing teaser for Halle Berry's new sci-fi series
Jan 21, 2014

We finally have a look at the first teaser for Halle Berry’s new sci-fi series Extant, and we have to say, it’s not exactly what we expected.

Halle Berry signs on for Spielberg's new CBS sci-fi series Extant
Oct 4, 2013

When Steven Spielberg heads back to the small screen, he has the clout to bring a few movie stars with him. His latest? Halle Berry, who has signed on for his new sci-fi series Extant.

How Halle Berry's pregnancy will impact X-Men: Days of Future Past
Apr 11, 2013

Director Bryan Singer is bringing together the new and old X-Men casts for Days of Future Past, but it sounds like Halle Berry’s recent pregnancy will have an impact on Storm’s role.